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Jovi – B.A.S.T.A.R.D (ft. Reniss)

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Reniss – Zelie (Original by Bella Bellow)

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Jovi – Bush Faller (ft. Eko Roosevelt)

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Buea, Cameroon

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Review: Reniss – C’est La Vie

Reniss has had a stellar consistent run this year, beating out every competition to reign as the undisputed 2013 Queen … scratch that; … to reign as the undisputed Priestess of Cameroonian Urban Music. Reniss, is proof that Cameroonian women can attain commercial success without selling out. From “The Apple”[…]

Listen to Jovi’s Debut Album “H.I.V”

This special edition of Jovi’s debut album, H.I.V, is being released for free for a limited time as a Thank You to all our fans!  Originally released on August 30, 2012, H.I.V (Humanity is Vanishing) propelled Cameroonian hip hop to a new level, incorporating Pidgin, English and French, with original,[…]

Listen to Reniss’ Debut EP “Afrikan Luv”

Reniss releases her EP Afrikan Luv. Listen to the innovative, creative project that launched Reniss’ work with long-time collaborator and producer, Le Monstre. The six-track EP features collaborations with New Bell Music artist, Jovi. The electronic, futuristic pop sound with Reniss’ crystalline voice and African style, sets her apart as[…]

Listen to Jovi’s Single “Mukwatta”

Jovi releases his single “Mukwatta”, produced by Le Monstre, in his signature Mboko style, rapping in English and Pidgin, influenced by Cameroon’s traditional Essewe music and blues. Listen to Jovi’s “Mukwatta” below and download on SoundCloud!