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Shey – Why

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Jovi - Kankpé Hip Hop Festival 2015

Cotonou, Benin

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Jovi – 20 BA

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Jovi – Ouleu

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Reniss Releases Her New Video “Nyama Nyama!”

After the critical success of Reniss’ new album Nzo, her single “Nyama Nyama” was featured in Apple Music’s “Africa Now” playlist and hit several charts. She released her first video “Commando” with the album debut, and now she has unveiled her new visuals for “Nyama Nyama.” The video features the[…]

Reniss Releases New Album “Nzo”!

Reniss releases her sophomore album, Nzo! Nzo is an energetic celebration of African musical tradition. Produced by Cameroon’s acclaimed producer, Le Monstre, Nzo (which means “future/tomorrow” in her dialect Nguemba) contains influences from many genres such as Makossa in “Commando”, Kwassa Kwassa in “Kwassa Kwassa”, South African Kwaito in “Raw[…]

Reniss Releases New Single “Nyama Nyama”!

Listen to Reniss’ new song “Nyama Nyama” off her upcoming album Nzo, coming out May 1! Produced by the venerable Le Monstre! Listen now on NewBellMusic YouTube !

Tata Releases Video for “Run Mop”

Released along with his new album Dey No Di Force Love, Tata drops his video for “Run Mop”! Directed by Ndukong and produced by Le Monstre. Watch Tata’s new video now on New Bell Music Channel.

Tata Releases His Debut Album “Dey No Di Force Love”

After dropping two EPs in 2018, Tata releases his debut album, Dey No Di Force Love. Rapping heavily in his dialect, Limbum, and fluidly switching back and forth between English and Pidgin, Tata skillfully represents Cameroon’s multilingual culture with his bars. Listen to Tata’s album Dey No Di Force Love now[…]