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Jovi – Ou Même

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Buea, Cameroon

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Pascal – Manka’a (ft. Lor)

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Reniss – Pilon

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Watch Tata’s Video “Banekeh” feat. Jovi

Tata releases another video “Banekeh” featuring Jovi. After releasing the visuals for “Lunga (Wild Fire)” earlier this week, Tata brings us the third video off his new EP Wild Fire. Produced by Le Monstre and directed by the incomparable Ndukong. Watch Tata’s new video “Banekeh” featuring Jovi here! A découvrir, “Banekeh”, la troisième[…]

Watch Tata’s New Video for “Lunga (Wild Fire)”

With the release of his new EP Wild Fire, Tata releases the video for the title track “Lunga (Wild Fire)”. Rapping in his dialect Limbum, Tata fiercely represents his culture as he talks about “Lunga” the gods of Wimbum land. Clouded in sparks, the visuals bring out Tata’s message as he[…]

Listen to Tata’s New EP “Wild Fire”!

After releasing a string of singles including “Ndaleh” and “Banekeh” featuring Jovi, Tata releases his first EP Wild Fire. Rapping in English, Pidgin, and mostly in his dialect, Limbum, Tata gives his fans a rare treat. His smooth Limbum flow ebbs in and out of an almost hypnotic state between singing and rapping. From the[…]

Watch Jovi’s Video “20 BA” from his EP ‘Yajé Vol. 1: Black’

Jovi releases the second video “20 BA” from his 2017 EP Yajé Vol. 1: Black. Produced by Le Monstre, in his signature Mboko style. Directed by Ndukong. You can download and listen to his sixth EP Yajé Vol. 1: Black on Bandcamp by clicking on the link => here! Watch Jovi’s new video “20[…]

Listen to Reniss’ New EP “Express Vol. 1”!

Reniss releases her new EP Express Vol. 1. After traveling extensively in 2017, promoting her album Tendon, Reniss starts off 2018 with her 5-song EP and video for her single “DOUDOU”. Written during her trips in Europe, Uganda, South Africa, Benin, the Congo and more, Express Vol. 1 tells the stories[…]

Watch Reniss’ New Video “DOUDOU” off Her Upcoming EP

After spending 2017 touring Europe and Africa, Reniss starts 2018 with a new video for her single “DOUDOU”, off her upcoming EP. Produced by Le Monstre, and directed by Ndukong, “DOUDOU” features Reniss singing in French, English, and her Nguemba dialect. Watch Reniss’ new video “DOUDOU” here! Après une année[…]

Listen to Tata’s new song “Banekeh” featuring Jovi!

Tata releases his new song “Banekeh” featuring Jovi. The Cameroonian raps in his dialect, Limbum, with an effortless and fluid flow, unlike any artist in the country. After releasing the song “ICI” featuring Lor, in August, and his recent video “Ndaleh” on October 12, Tata’s new song ‘”Banekeh” gives his[…]