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Jovi – Mongshung

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Tata – Contri Boy Remix (ft. Pascal and Tilla)

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Ndaleh – Tata

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Jovi – Big Vulture (ft. RCHL)

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Reniss Releases New EP “Express Vol. 2”

Reniss’ releases her new EP Express Vol. 2! Download it in on Bandcamp here! A découvrir en téléchargement sur BandCamp, la nouvelle sortie de Reniss Express Vol. 2 ici!

Jovi Drops New Video “Depanner”!

With folk influences and his unique “Mboko” touch, Jovi returns with a new single “Depanner” directed by Ndukong. Watch it on our YouTube channel NewBellMusicChannel here! L’artiste et producteur Jovi nous revient cette fois ci avec un nouveau single très folklorique “Depanner”. Produit sous la touche “Mboko” par lui-même ;[…]

Watch Jovi’s New Video “Pimentcam”!

After producing two EPs in 2018, Reniss’ Express Vol. 1 EP and Tata’s Wild Fire EP, Jovi brings us the video for “Pimentcam”. Directed by the one and only Ndukong, “Pimentcam” hilariously shows the vieled side of society. Produced by Le Monstre in his signature Mboko style, watch Jovi’s new video “Pimentcam”[…]

Jovi Drops New Single “Ndolé”

After producing two EPs in 2018 (Reniss’ Express Vol. 1 and Tata’s Wild Fire), Jovi continues to create new music for his fans. Combining his sharp wit, top notch production, and multilingual writing, Jovi releases his latest song, “Ndolé”. Listen to it now exclusively on New Bell Radio here! =>>[…]

Jovi Releases “One for Me” (Official Audio)

After a series of new releases since his EP Yajé Vol. 1: Black, Jovi releases his new song “One for Me”. Listen to it here exclusively on New Bell Radio!   Découvrez sur notre chaine YouTube New Bell Radio, “One for Me” le nouveau single de Jovi ici!

Reniss Releases Video for “Night Life” featuring Jovi

Reniss releases her new video “Night Life” featuring Jovi. After spending 2017 performing across Africa and Europe, Reniss releases her second video from her 2018 EP Express Vol. 1. “Night Life” is produced by Le Monstre in his signature Mboko style, and directed by the inimitable Ndukong. Singing in English,[…]