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Listen to Jovi’s New Album “16 Wives”

Jovi releases his third album, 16 Wives. After his second album, Mboko God, was released in May 2015, Jovi spent the last two years producing seven EPs for himself and other New Bell Music artists, and two full length LPs for Reniss and Pascal. Now he is back with his third full-length album, 16 Wives. Download and listen to Jovi’s new album 16 Wives here!

Après Mboko God sorti en Mai 2015; Jovi revient avec un nouvel album dénommé 16 Wives. Jovi a passé ces deux dernières années à produire sept (07) EP pour lui-même et d’autres artistes de New Bell Music; ainsi que deux (02) LPs pour Reniss et Pascal. Il est de retour avec son troisième album, 16 Wives. Télécharger et ecouter le nouvel album de Jovi 16 Wives ici!

Stream Jovi’s Song ‘Why God’ on His Album “16 Wives”

Getting ready for his album release this month, Jovi releases the second single off the upcoming LP 16 Wives. Stream the new track “Why God” here exclusively on Bandcamp.

Listen to Jovi’s New EP Raps 2 Riches

Jovi releases Raps 2 Riches. The five-song EP takes listeners on a journey, to the urban landscape of Cameroon, mixing cinematic production with powerful lyrics and witty social commentary. The Le Monstre produced Raps 2 Riches places Jovi in the running for one of the best hip hop artists in Africa, as he fluidly moves from funny, to sexually charged, to reflective. Spitting lyrics in multiple languages: French, English, and Pidgin, Jovi continues to break boundaries in music in Cameroon and Africa, with his trap influence, melodic gift, and lyrical deftness. Download and stream Jovi’s new EP Raps 2 Riches here!