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Watch Jovi’s Video “Bush Faller” Featuring Eko Roosevelt

Jovi’s releases the video for “Bush Faller” featuring Cameroon legend Eko Roosevelt! “Bush Faller” is off of Jovi’s ground-breaking debut album H.I.V and is directed by Ndukong! Watch Jovi’s video “Bush Faller” featuring Eko Roosevelt here!

Review: Reniss – C’est La Vie

Reniss has had a stellar consistent run this year, beating out every competition to reign as the undisputed 2013 Queen … scratch that; … to reign as the undisputed Priestess of Cameroonian Urban Music.
Reniss, is proof that Cameroonian women can attain commercial success without selling out. From “The Apple” (featuring her mentor, rapper/producer Jovi) reaching 15,000+ plays in 3 days, to several fan favourite singles, to the release of her critically acclaimed “Afrikan LuV” EP; Reniss, The Priestess, is garnering an ever growing religious following of fans.
“C’est La Vie” , off her Afrikan LuV EP comes with a breath of fresh air as Reniss, poses on the LeMonstre produced song with childish candour any average Cameroonian can relate to.
Here Reniss displays an understanding of the importance of a sweeping chorus: the seemingly repetitive chorus in french and the powerful interludes give the song a Cameroon in miniature feeling.
C’est La Vie places emphasis on its refrain but its multi-layered instrumentation gives the Reniss’ energetic voice a previously unheard depth. The song’s mix of haunting Western Cameroonian Chants as backing vocals, kick drums and unadorned percussions fill in the spaces between Reniss’ drawn-out syllables.
As musically rich as “C’est La Vie” is, however, Reniss’ noticeable leap in vocal confidence highlights the track. She gracefully lingers on the last line of the verses and attacks the upbeat chorus’ first words, “C’est la vie, tu n’as pas le choix” head on.
“C’est La Vie” showcases the all-around development of Reniss as she prepares to release her second effort, Her Freshman Album slated to drop in December.
Download Afrikan LuV EP Here .
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Listen to Jovi’s Debut Album “H.I.V”

This special edition of Jovi’s debut album, H.I.V, is being released for free for a limited time as a Thank You to all our fans!  Originally released on August 30, 2012, H.I.V (Humanity is Vanishing) propelled Cameroonian hip hop to a new level, incorporating Pidgin, English and French, with original, ground-breaking beats and professional production. Lyrically untouchable, H.I.V was recorded, mixed and mastered 100% in Cameroon. Check out Jovi’s H.I.V here!

Listen to Jovi’s Single “Mukwatta”

Jovi releases his single “Mukwatta”, produced by Le Monstre, in his signature Mboko style, rapping in English and Pidgin, influenced by Cameroon’s traditional Essewe music and blues. Listen to Jovi’s “Mukwatta” below and download on SoundCloud!