Jovi – Mboko God

New Bell Music

Jovi – Mboko God

  • Release date: 2015-05-20
  • Label: New Bell Music

Jovi releases his highly anticipated second album, Mboko God. Transcending cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries, Mboko God is a multi-layered album that effortlessly fuses Cameroonian rhythms, languages, and harmonies with musical influences from regions throughout the Africa. From the very first song, the beautiful “Mboko God – Positioning”, with Ngemba and Nliimbom dialects deep with meaning finished with an epic, unexpected trap flow by Jovi, it’s clear that the album is bringing forth a new genre of hip hop. The second song, “Nyongo Money”, continues with crunchy, electronic shakers, Congolese Soukous chanting, and lyrics that take the listener back in time “before calendar man bi di look na moon/sun for morning time no dey like sun for afternoon.” In many ways the Mboko God album gives a feel of the past, present, and future of Africa. The chanting, dialects, and rhythms laced throughout Mboko God celebrate African sound and tradition and elevate it to the foundation of the album. The trap-inspired bass, snares, and lyrical flows in songs like “Top Level” and “Et P8 Koi” draw heavily on inspiration from the popular trap movement throughout the U.S., while the makossa guitar in songs like “Comme Moundi” and “Jungle Book”, and the bikutsi flavored “CASH” open listeners up to the modern day musical vibe of Cameroon.  A futuristic texture permeates the album with electronic, metallic, and industrial noises that evolve into melodies on songs like “B.A.S.T.A.R.D”, “Mboko God – Status” and “Mboko God – Reality.”

Jovi balances his rap bravado with social commentary and dark, reflective, humorous lyrics in Pidign, English, and French. He brings in singers Reniss and Shey, rap artists Tilla and Pascal, and producer Kiloh from New Bell Music as guests on the album.  He also brings in rappers Teddy Doherty and Inna Money from LifeStyle Music on “Beat Tape Sessions”, Abracadabra singing Soukous, Mt. Cameroon (Tonye Francois Thimothee) playing guitar, and Essomba Brice Roger on the keyboards. The cover art is Adinkra cloth from Ghana, (originating from the Akan of Ghana and Côte D’Ivoire), with the center symbol being “gye nyame” in the Asante Twi language, meaning “except God” or “supremacy of God.” Jovi’s adept ability to spit bars in his signature Mboko rap style coupled with Le Monstre’s stunning electro-trap production creates a special piece of art that is all at once for Cameroonians, Africans, and lovers of hip hop all over the world. Click here to download Jovi’s new album, Mboko God! Now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, beatsmusic, Deezer, bandcamp, Google Play, and more!

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