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Watch Reniss Video “Michael Jackson” Featuring Jovi

Reniss releases her video, “Michael Jackson,” featuring Jovi! Continuing New Bell Music’s tradition of innovation in African music, Reniss sets the bar high with this original song. Produced by Le Monstre, “Michael Jackson” brings back the cool factor of Makossa music mixed with pop. Also paying hommage to R.A.S from Cote d’Ivoire with their iconic song, “Agnagnan.”, Reniss hold her own as a pop star shooting her way to the top. Download and stream “Michael Jackson” on iTunes and Google Play,  Spinlet, Spotify, Tidal and more!

Watch Reniss’ new video “Michael Jackson” ft. Jovi here!

Download and Stream Jovi’s Album Mboko God

Jovi releases his highly anticipated second album, Mboko God. The Cameroonian rapper has created a musical journey that transcends cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries. Mboko God is a hip hop album full of influences from around the continent and takes listeners into unknown territory. Produced by Le Monstre, the multi-layered album effortlessly fuses Cameroonian rhythms, languages, and harmonies with musical influences from regions throughout the country. From the very first song, the beautiful “Mboko God – Positioning”, with Ngemba and Nliimbom dialects deep with meaning finished with an epic, unexpected trap flow by Jovi, it’s clear that the album is bringing forth a new genre of hip hop. You can download Jovi’s new album Mboko God here.

Watch Jovi’s Video “Big Vulture” Featuring RCHL

Jovi releases the visuals for “Big Vulture” featuring Rachel, delivering the message that no matter what people say, you can overcome the negativity and follow your passion. “Big Vulture” continues with Jovi’s signature style of African trap, as deep, resonant bass drives the melody and Jovi raps in a flow of Pidgin, English and French.

Watch “Big Vulture” here!


Jovi Releases Kankwe Vol. 2 EP

JOVI publie son nouvelle EP KANKWE Vol. 2. Cet EP composé de 5 titres est produit par Le Monstre, un des producteurs les plus originaux de l’Afrique et du hip hop africain. “Kankwe Volume 2” propose deux nouvelles chansons, en dehors de “Big Vulture», et des chansons à succès, “Cash” et “Et P8Koi”. JOVI ici, fait un mélange d’instruments et rythmes africains avec des beats Hip Hop, Trap américain, Pop et surtout son rap en anglais, français, et Pidgin. Le son est percutant avec des paroles bien amenées, plein de rimes et punchlines, le plaçant parmi les meilleurs rappeurs en Afrique.  “Kankwe Volume 2” est disponible en téléchargement gratuit sur BANDCAMP, et est suivi de “Kankwe Volume 1”, publié en 2013. JOVI travaille sur son deuxième album, “Mboko God,” qui sera publié plus tard cette année.

Jovi releases his second EP, “Kankwe Vol. 2.” The 5-track EP is produced by one of the continent’s most original producers of African hip hop, Le Monstre. The EP features two new songs, as well as the recently released “Big Vulture,” featuring RCHL, and his hit songs, “CASH” and “Et P8Koi.” Staying true to his unique sound, Jovi mixes African instruments and rhythms, with hip hop beats, American trap, pop, and rap in English, French, and Pidgin. The “Kankwe Vol. 2” EP is available for free download on bandcamp. “Kankwe Vol. 2” is a follow-up to Jovi’s “Kankwe Vol. 1” EP released in 2013. Jovi is currently working on his second full-length album, “Mboko God,” which will be released later this year.

Listen to and download Jovi’s “Kankwe Vol. 2 ” EP here!

Listen to New Bell Music’s Compilation EP “Lord Have Mercy”

New Bell Music is proud to present the Lord Have Mercy EP! Our second project to be released this year, Lord Have Mercy is a five-song compilation EP introducing our newest artists, Tilla, Pascal, and Shey. Lord Have Mercy ushers in a new era of music for 2015, providing seamless collaborations with New Bell Music’s talented powerhouses, Jovi and Reniss, and delivering to listeners a unique blend of trap, dancehall, pop, electronic, and the dark Mboko hip hop coming out of  producer Le Monstre’s creative catalog. Le Monstre’s compositions are eclectic, evolving urban soundscapes that use inventive samples and instrumentation blended with a variety of African melodies and rhythms. The additional artists on the EP bring melodies, harmonies, regional dialects, and creative swag to each song, creating a lush, futuristic, African hip hop fusion that is characteristic of New Bell Music’s releases. Download here!