Tata – Dey No Di Force Love

New Bell Music

Tata – Dey No Di Force Love

  • Release date: 2020-03-27
  • Label: New Bell Music

After dropping two EPs in 2018, Tata releases his debut album, Dey No Di Force Love. Rapping heavily in his dialect, Limbum, and fluidly switching back and forth between English and Pidgin, Tata skillfully represents Cameroon’s multilingual culture with his bars. From the energetic first track “Yukani”, which instantly gives a traditional feel; to the throwback bounce of the song “Involve”; to the infectious, melodic “Black Chief”; Tata’s Limbum flow and rhymes smoothly ebb throughout the 10-song album. With songs produced by Le Monstre, Cameroon’s prolific creator of New Bell Music, and songs produced by Cameroon’s 50 Stylez, Dey No Di Force Love gives listeners an array of style that highlights Tata’s distinctive sound, and exciting cultural force. Listen to Tata’s album Dey No Di Force Love now on Bandcamp! https://tatapaul.bandcamp.com/album/dey-no-di-force-love

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