Shey – Tapsï EP

New Bell Music

Shey – Tapsï EP

  • Release date: 2015-10-14
  • Label: New Bell Music

New Bell Music is proud to present Shey’s debut EP Tapsï. Shey’s diverse style spans the genres of hip hop, R&B, dancehall, reggae, and more. After featuring on several New Bell Music projects, most notably on Jovi’s Mboko God album, writing choruses in the Limbum language on such songs as “Mboko God (Positioning),” and “Comme Moundi,” as well as his touching lyrics in “Jungle Book,” Shey releases his own four track EP Tapsï. Shey has the unique ability express a wide range of emotions and styles in his music, which is full of humor, self-reflection, sadness, and celebration. From the light-hearted “Ice Cream” featuring Pascal, to the darker “Popoh Combi” featuring Tilla, to the heartfelt “Why” and the smooth, party groove  “Jongleur,” Shey’s Caribbean-cool and Cameroonian vibe mix to form a contagious sound. Meaning “Good Work” in the Limbum languageTapsï features the energetic fusion of undulating bass lines, crisp synth-snares, and melodies that move your body. Produced by Le Monstre and Kiloh, download and stream Shey’s new EP Tapsï below!

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