Jovi – Kankwe Vol. 2 EP

New Bell Music

Jovi – Kankwe Vol. 2 EP

  • Release date: 2015-03-13
  • Label: New Bell Music

Cameroon’s prolific rapper, Jovi, releases his second EP, “Kankwe Vol. 2.” This 5-track EP is produced by one of the continent’s most original producers of African hip hop, Le Monstre. The EP features two new songs, as well as the recently released “Big Vulture” featuring RCHL, and his hit songs “CASH” and “Et P8Koi.” “Kankwe Vol. 2” is available for free download on bandcamp. Keeping true to his unique style, Jovi mixes African instruments and rhythms, with hip hop beats, American trap, pop, and rap in English, French, and Pidgin. His hard hitting, clever lyrics are full of rhymes and punchlines, placing him among the best rappers in Africa. “NCNP” is the first song on the EP, and showcases Jovi’s signature Mboko rap style and dark electro-trap production. “Big Vulture” featuring RCHL, samples a Nigerian Igbo gospel song, with deep, resonant bass driving the melody. “Check Sense” features Pascal, one of New Bell Music’s newest artists, and the song is nothing but bars on bars of rap. “Check Sense” is also produced by New Bell Music’s new producer, Kiloh, the first producer to join the label.”Et P8 Koi” showcases Jovi’s rap skill and unique African trap style, that has transcended barriers and has recently topped music charts across Africa. “CASH” has been a huge hit in the country, and combines energetic Bikutsi with Le Monstre’s fresh beats, crafting a distinctive sound that is purely Cameroonian. Jovi keeps adding value to his culture by relentlessly staying original and moving across international boundaries. “Kankwe Vol. 2” is a follow-up to Jovi’s Kankwe Vol. 1 EP released in 2013. Jovi is currently working on his second full-length album, “Mboko God,” which will be released later this year.

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