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Jovi – Big Vulture (ft. RCHL)

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Reniss – Michael Jackson (ft. Jovi)

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FK Fest (Sponsored by French Kind and New Bell Music)

Yaoundé, Cameroon

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Reniss – La Sauce

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Jovi Releases Debut Album H.I.V

This special edition of Jovi’s debut album, H.I.V, is being released for free for a limited time as a Thank You to all our fans!  Originally released on August 30, 2012, H.I.V (Humanity is Vanishing) propelled Cameroonian hip hop to a new level, incorporating Pidgin, English and French, with original,[…]

Reniss Releases Afrikan Luv EP

Reniss releases her EP Afrikan Luv. Listen to the innovative, creative project that launched Reniss’ work with long-time collaborator and producer, Le Monstre. The six-track EP features collaborations with New Bell Music artist, Jovi. The electronic, futuristic pop sound with Reniss’ crystalline voice and African style, sets her apart as[…]